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Google Guarantee program is a local service offered by Google for local businesses in Canada and the United States. This service allows the business owner to pay per lead for the work Google provides him. The Google guaranteed program offers a money-back “insurance” to customers that booked the service through this new program. Listings with a Google Guaranteed Badge are available to Locksmiths, plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, Garage Door Service, Appliance Repair, and more slowly added services. If you lately sought on Google for plumbers or locksmiths, you may notice a green checkmark near a local service listing. 

That is named the Google Guarantee, which recently became available in Canada. This Google Guarantee promotes local companies to build a reliable online status and trust so that consumers that prompted to match on their ads. A business owner that holds a Google guaranteed badge in Canada or the United States is a certified business by Google. A Customer that booked a repair through the guaranteed listing and is not happy with the service he got. May process and submit a claim to Google for the amount he paid up to 2,000 dollars lifetime cap.

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What Is Google Guarantee?

Google Guarantee or Google Guaranteed is a seal given to institutions that reach Google’s standards. Once a business is suited, it will get the Official Google Guarantee Badge. When a client is unsatisfied with a service he got from a badge holder, they may get repaid by Google’s guarantee. The customer has 30 days from the service completion date to process the claim and be eligible for the cost of the amount paid.

Google Guarantee - What does it Cover?

Google Guaranteed embraces claims up to the primary service charge, with a lifetime cap of CAD 2,000. You must present requests within 30 days of the service fulfillment date. The buyer must provide a receipt that indicates the business name and the amount he paid. For instance, when you get your dishwasher fixed from a Google Guarantee Appliance company and are not satisfied, you can submit a case, and Google will repay you.

How To Become Google Guaranteed?

When you register for local ads, you will obtain an email from Google guarantee to start the screening. Your business needs to pass several screening levels that change according to each kind of service, state of employment and if you promote directly with Google. Next, it will transfer you to a gateway that will ask you to present business data to Google, like your business license, insurance and background check.

Further, present all essential data to Pinkerton for a background check. They are a third-party company that will convey the background check for the business and its employees. Employees that work in the office don’t need to go through the background check. Once done, you will receive an email that will ask you to confirm your identification, which will be via a photo from your mobile phone.

A background check takes between three to four weeks to achieve. But, with Turbo Digital Marketing, the process can get decreased to a couple of weeks. Finally, Google will reach out to the business, to begin with, the servicing.

Google Guaranteed - What does it Cover?

At this point, Google Local ads are available only for particular service areas. Such as Locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, and garage door services and more. Businesses that apply and eligible for certified listings in Canada will show on top search results before the ads section. Every time an amount paid by the customer to a business is guaranteed, and in case of fraud, Google will help the customer and pay him the repair cost he spends upon service completion.

How Does The Screening Process work?

1. Background Check

First, business owners and some service experts will experience a background check by a third-party company partnered with Google. Depending on your enterprise, that may require formal action records checks for your business to identify proof of the careless act of services and court records. They may also choose service professionals via identity and criminal history checks and cross-checking against national offender, terrorist and sanctions registries. Also, Google will check for red flags. 

2. License

Google guarantee will check if the firm and workers have the required permits applicable to the state of practice. For example, Locksmiths in Vancouver require a Vancouver Locksmith License. Google will further verify if your license, insurance, and listings are all registered under the same name. Therefore, your Google My Business and additional online listings must be supporting the business name. If your business license is for “123 Plumbers,” the specific identical name should be on your local listings and other documentation.

3. Insurance

If insurance applies to your industry, the business must have commercial liability insurance for any labour completed. That would include demanding a Certification of Coverage from your insurance business to present to Google. Be sure not to submit your old insurance as you may get banned.

4. Verification

Some industries may require advanced verification screening, including a summary of the Google Ads account and any public data or video conferences administered by Google. Some screening may further require inspecting within business registration validity and types of fraud or unethical behaviour. Likewise, people who try to apply individually may face some failures.

5. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for Google guarantee to collect ratings from people who have used them continuously. Continuous bad feedback will occur in lower rankings. Collecting reviews is recommended regardless of any service. We found a direct correlation between good reviews and higher conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose your clients aren’t happy with the quality of performance. Google is accountable for reimbursement up to the job’s expense, with a lifetime cap of $2,000. The consumer can submit a claim to Google within 30 days of the original service date. As a business, you are not liable for the refund. However, Google will review the service given and progress, respectively.

Each screening process will differ depending on your trade and state. But, regular screening is the company’s reputation with Google. For instance, if the business owes money to Google, it would be harder for Google to trust the company and guarantee its services. Additional screenings involve police checks, consumer reviews, and practice.

In case you don’t pass, you can appeal the decision of your verification. We highly recommend speaking to a digital marketing agency, like Turbo Digital Marketing, before reapplying to prevent being barred. We welcome businesses that need help applying for local ads services to reach us at the number.

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