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We offer email marketing services for your business to get the best results possible; you would think that email isn’t relevant, while social media marketing is on the rise. And you would be wrong, 94% of Internet users use email, while that number drops to 61% for social media, there’s another statistic.

It shows that 75% of adult users prefer email as their marketing method. All these numbers show that by using email marketing services, you’re also getting an excellent opportunity for your business.

With that in mind, what is email marketing services? In its purest form, it’s the use of email to promote your business’ facilities or products; email marketing solution is also the use of email to create relationships with your potential clients.

Thus, This might be even more important than product promotion when compared to social media; the main advantage of email marketing is visibility. First, with social media marketing, you don’t know how many people will see your message, even some that would want to, may miss it.

But with email marketing, your message will stay in your recipient’s inbox until they read it or delete it. Sure enough, this often used for spamming, yet when done correctly, email marketing can have an excellent return on investment.

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With other marketing methods, you’re targeting a larger group of people, with email marketing, you can target one specific group of people, you can even target an individual.

For example, your business is a restaurant, and you offer someone a discount on their dinner for their birthday, this is an excellent example of personalized email marketing.

In other words, you’re using email marketing to develop a relationship with the customers and maintain it afterward.

To achieve this effect, you don’t want to buy an email list; you want to start your own and develop it over time. Also, it’s a good idea only to add users that wish to receive emails to make it easy to opt-in.

Last but not least, make sure you optimize your messages for mobile usage, mobile devices used very often nowadays, you’ll want to take advantage of that if possible. For this reason, you need an expert digital marketing company that knows how to drive results.

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Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign might sound easy to execute, but there are quite a few things that could go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Yet, we already have experience with them; we can go through a personalized campaign that will turn potential customers into leads.

To begin with, you will get a personalized list, buying an email list results in you sending unsolicited mail. As a result, this will push away most of the people you want to turn into customers and have a negative effect, and the campaign will adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act rules. Therefore, it will not have a deceptive subject line, it will have a precise method of unsubscribing from the emails, and it will have your name and address at the bottom.

The emails we send as part of your email marketing drive aren’t all going to be a sales pitch; you should also use the campaign to share your expertise, and give out tips others can use. Thus, it only adds value to the subscription list, people who want to be on your email list trust you with their name and email. Last but not least, we can also offer a newsletter email marketing campaign where we scheduled it, and over time, your subscribers will know what to expect from you and when.
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